– American women homeopaths in W.W. I. (C. Bautista)

americanwomenhomeopathy American women homeopaths in W.W. I.

 In closing this account of the activities of our nurse corps we are happy to relate that eventually all of the personnel returned to the United States mostly in splendid physical condition and have since scattered to the four winds. A few are doing Government work or are in institutional service. Eighteen have married and left active nursing, while the rest may be found in their various home towns employed as before the War taking care of private patients. Needless to say the care used in the selection of our nursing group was demonstrated by their efficiency, loyalty and desire to help in all particulars and no Unit was ever more fortunate in her nurse corps.
 -Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Myers
 Dearborn, MD.
 One hundred nurses who graduated from homeopathic institutions served in France with U.S.  Army Base Hospital No. 48 during the First World War. They served for a total of 438 days, divided into 133 days of U.S.  service and 305 days of foreign service. Total admissions to the Unit from July 29th, 1918 to January 15th, 1919 numbered 4822, of which 2960 were surgical and 1862 medical cases.
 Enthusiasm for war service ran high at the 1917 annual meeting of the American Institute of Homeopathy. A committee was appointed to offer the federal government the services of three base hospitals, to be raised in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.
 As a direct result of the AIH initiative, Base Hospital No. 48 was federally authorized by the Metropolitan Hospital Department of Public Charities of the City of New York. The official complement of medical and surgical personnel, representing all of the necessary specialties, was selected from among the Metropolitan Hospital attending, intern and ex-intern staff. Of the twenty-two physicians and the two dentists on the “48” roster, twenty were AIH members.
 At least $110,000 was raised for “48” through contributions received from over 300 people, most of whom were patients and friends of homeopathic physicians in the New York City area and upper New York State. Boericke and Tafel generously outfitted “48” with a complete homeopathic field-pharmacy.
 The Pharmacy at the 48th was considered a great credit in all respects not only because it was managed by real pharmacists who took pride in their work, but because eventually it became the best equipped and largest in the Center.
 The 48th was the only Unit in the Center possessing a complete line of homeopathic remedies. At first this department was lodged in a small room adjoining the operating room but later was moved to the building next door and there had an opportunity to present a real drug store with shelves, tables, desks and other familiar adjuncts. The prescription business was large, averaging about 75 daily until a total of 5608 new prescriptions had been filled when the department was given up on January 19th, 1919. 

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