–  Carolyn Hallett, J.D.

33X9K_w60h80 American Homeopathy, 1999, Editorial,

The approaching millennium offers a unique opportunity. While other years serve mainly as rearview mirrors in which to examine what’s behind us, the year 2000 offers itself as a giant prism through which we can focus our vision for the evolution of the homeopathic profession over the next several decades, and beyond. With an ever-increasing number of schools churning out practitioners with varying levels of proficiency, we are seeing the need to establish fundamental standards of education and practice. In a society where the “professions” seem to be universally defined by the common requirements of a degree, an exam and a license-for better or worse-we now find ourselves on the doorstep of the entrance into that world. Having a cohesive vision of how we would like to see our profession evolve into this next phase will help carry us through, and NASH is poised to lead the effort.
 In that spirit we honor Edward Whitmont, a man who incorporated the concept of evolution into his life and work by continually expanding his methods of guiding people through their healing processes with homeopathy, analytical psychology and a variety of other approaches to integration and health.
 I did not know Dr. Whitmont personally, so assembling the Dedication for this issue was a bit like trying to piece together a jigsaw puzzle, not knowing what the picture on the box looked like. It is clear he had an exceptional intellect as well as a natural kind of wisdom, both of which he cultivated and generously shared during his lifetime. Many of Dr. Whitmont’s relatives, friends and colleagues have contributed to this issue. His daughter, Cathy Schaleger, painted the cover art. They each have shared something about a man who has inspired so many, and who contributed prolifically to the field of homeopathy and Jungian psychology.
 In order to add a little inspiration to our evolutionary process, we’re introducing a new segment entitled “Bridges,” wherein each issue will feature a “sister” professional homeopathic society and explore how they operate. In this way, NASH and its members may gain the benefit of seeing how other organizations have worked to solidify their standing and be guided by their experience.
 In this issue of The American Homeopath, you’ll find elements from the mystical to the pragmatic, from Sankaran to Vithoulkas, with Whitmont at the center extending his arms around both ends of the spectrum, gently encouraging us to be accepting of each other, ever-questioning of the paradigms under which we operate, and unbounded by false constructs in this universe of limitless possibility.
 Carolyn Hallett, J.D.

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