Dry, hard, light colored or pale; Broken masses or in balls; Scanty, hard and difficult; Hard, covered with mucus or mixed with a glairy matter; difficult.
 Before stool 
 Frequent and ineffectual desire for stool. No desire for, and no ability to pass stool until there is a large accumulation.
 During stool 
 Pressure and cutting pains at the anus and a haemorrhagic discharge; Great straining even with a soft stool; Pain or itching at the anus; Voiding of urine while straining at stool; Discharge of prostatic fluid.
 After stool 
 Long-lasting pains in rectum after each stool; Pain in the stomach.
 Dry mouth and irritated-looking tongue. Pain, malaise, and weight in the abdomen. Frequent nausea, and acid eructations. Slight burnings, smartings, and shootings in the anus, with itching and tingling. Dryness of the rectum. Atonic haemorrhoidal tumors.
 constipation due to a diminution of the peristaltic movement and to the inactivity of the rectum. Dr. Chargé, relative to Alumina in dyspepsia says : In a Materia Medica happily simplified and reduced to the form of the Greek roots of our boyhood days, dryness would express in a single word the whole of this medicine. We meet with stomachs which give rise to trouble on account of the want of gastric juice, those, for instance, which have made the fortune of pepsine; Alumina is especially adapted to those conditions.
 For the constipation of pregnant and lying-in women; from carriage riding, and lead poison; in nursing infants and children raised artificially.
 Kafka says : For children nourished on a thick oatmeal gruel and milk or upon a concentrated preparation of vermicelli, which develops oftentimes an intestinal catarrh with a constipation so obstinate, that the dry balls remain in some manner arrested at the anus, and can only be evacuated by manual aid.
 Espanet notes the inertia of the intestines which ordinarily occasions the constipation, although the excreted material may not be always formed and scanty. In this regard Alumina is the direct opposite of Nux vomica, and it is by a contrary action in this latter medicine that the stools are difficult, the intestine feeble, and the rectum inert; the defecation is accomplished through the efforts of the abdominal muscles.
 The opinions of Ruckert is confirmed by Kafka : Alumina 6 is suitable for the chronic form of intestinal catarrh which is characterized by excessive flatulency, with pricking and drawing pains in the bowels, pressure in the stomach and abdomen, frequent and ineffectual desire for stool, scanty evacuation of hard broken materials, with pressive and cutting pains at the anus and a haemorrhagic discharge.
 Alumina is to Sepia, says M. Teste, what Silicea is to Pulsatilla; we might, perhaps, call it the Sepia of chronic diseases. The remedy is not suitable for active persons of sanguineous temperaments.
 Case 2 
 On the 20th of Sept., 1878, a constipation, which had been habitual since birth, in a lymphatic and weakened infant, seven weeks old and nourished on the bottle, became extremely obstinate, and was accompanied with such severe pains that the child cried or rather howled day and night. Besides the bloating of the abdomen and its sensitiveness to pressure, there was a dilatation of the pupils, and at times a slight spasmodic movement of the muscles of the face; paleness of the skin; pulse small and frequent. Injections, several times repeated, brought with difficulty a few small, grayish, dry, balls to the anal opening from which they had to be extracted by the finger. Belladonna and Chamomilla (alternately) gave some slight relief; Nux vom. and Coffea alternated gave very little result by the 21st. On the 22nd I alternated Nux vom. and Alumina, in the 12th dilution, and the result was prompt and decisive. – Dr. H. Bernard.
 Case 3 
 D. B., aged 12 years, mild disposition. Bowels moved once or twice a week; has shooting stitches through the temples from right to left, in the afternoon, especially on going down stairs; has no desire for stool or ability to pass stool, until there is a large accumulation of faeces. Takes a carriage ride every day; with this exception gets out of doors but very little; perfectly healthy looking in every respect. Alumina30, one dose. In three days the stools took place daily and he has had no return of the constipation. – Dr. B. F. Betts in Raue’s Record. 1871, p. 120.
 Case 4 
 A nursing child of four months had been constipated from birth. A number of remedies were used without avail. Alumina200, one dose, cured it. – Dr. W. B. Chamberlain in Trans. N. Y. State Hom. Med. Society, vol. viii., p. 172. 

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