Aloesocotrina Aloe socotrina in Constipation

Jahr gives : Whitish-gray excrements. Constipation from atony. Collection of faecal material on account of the constipation. Insufficient bilious secretions. Stool firm, insufficient, soon after a meal, aggravated from standing. Hunger during stool.
 Espanet : This medicine is suitable for melancholic venous temperaments, with a constitution used up from table excesses. It corresponds principally to the female sex, or to men in middle life or old age.
 [Lilienthal : Constipation of aged people, with abdominal plethora; suitable to hypochondriasis, and to persons leading a sedentary life, with a pituitous state of the stomach and bowels; heat, soreness and heaviness of the rectum; urgency as with diarrhoea; only hot flatus passes with sensation as if a plug was wedged between the symphysis pubis and coccyx.] 

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