Aloes socotrina Homeopathic medicine and Constipation

Dr.Jahr views on the use of Aloes socotrina for Constipation:

He says whitish-gray excrements from stool particularly indicate the Aloes Socotrina for Constipation. For those who experience constipation from atony, this Homeopathic medicine is the best selection. The collection of fecal material in the rectum because of the constipation is also an important feature of Aloe’s patients. Insufficient bilious secretions always call for this Homeopathic remedy for constipation. Stool consistency is of the firm, insufficient, the constipated person expels stool soon after a meal. Constipation in this case will aggravate from standing. Another important indication is a great hunger during stool.

Aloes socotrina Homeopathic medicine and Constipation

Uses of Aloes for Constipation according to Dr.Espanet :

This medicine is suitable for melancholic venous temperaments, with a constitution used up from table excesses. It corresponds principally to the female sex, or to men in middle life or old age.

From Materia medica and Dr.Lilienthal Views on Aloes socotrina Homeopathic medicine and Constipation:

It is best suitable for the constipation of aged people, with an abdominal plethora. Appropriate to the persons of hypochondriasis. In addition, Aloes helps in the cure of Constipation in persons leading a sedentary life, with a pituitous state of the stomach and bowels. Heat, soreness, and heaviness of the rectum are important indications of this Homeopathic medicine for constipation. Sometimes these constipated old men experience urgency as with diarrhea. However, there only hot flatus passes with sensation as if a plug was wedged between the symphysis pubis and coccyx.

Dosage of Aloes for Constipation:

Aloes 30c, 200c is the best potencies benefits in the treatment of constipation. However, in very rare cases 1m potency of aloes is needed. One dose means just two pills of the indicated remedy in 30c or 200c potency. Nevertheless, just one pill of aloes 1m is enough to cure if indicated. Sometimes it needs to repeat 30c potency frequently one in a week or 15 days if symptoms are severe but very rare. Aloes 30 is also the best potency piles treatment along with constipation. Aloe vera gel in homeopathic preparation also helps to relieve constipation.

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