– Dr Sunitha Devi Vannemreddy, M.D(Hom).

Kingdom: plantae, family: betulacea
Common name: red alder. 
It is the largest species of alder in North America and one of the largest in the world, reaching heights of 20–30 m. The official tallest red alder (1979) stands 32 meters tall. The name derives from the bright rusty red color that develops in bruised or scraped bark. The bark is mottled, ashy-gray and smooth, often draped with moss. The leaves are ovate, 7–15 cm long, with bluntly serrated edges and a distinct point at the end; the leaf margin is revolute, the very edge being curled under, a diagnostic character which distinguishes it from all other alders. The leaves turn yellow in the autumn before falling. The male flowers are dangling reddish catkins 10–15 cm long in early spring, and female flowers are erect catkins which develop into small, woody, superficially cone-like oval dry fruit 2–3 cm long. The seeds develop between the woody bracts of the ‘cones’ they are shed in the autumn and winter.
It’s detoxifying, both as a blood purifier and a lymphatic cleanser. It’s also astringent and good for supporting absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, according to herbalist Michael Moore. Alder is also used internally as a remedy for tuberculosis and sore throat; externally as a wash for skin infections.
Has some reputation as a remedy for skin affections, glandular enlargements, and indigestion from imperfect secretion of gastric juice. It stimulates nutrition, and thus acts favorably upon strumous disorders, enlarged glands, etc. Ulcerated mucous membranes of mouth and throat. Fingers covered by crust caused by pustules, disagreeable odor. Indigestion from imperfect secretion of gastric juice.
Alnus Rubra treatment for Female ailments: Leucorrhoea, with erosions of cervix, bleeding easily. Amenorrhoea, with burning pains from back to pubis.
Alnus Rubra treatment for Skin ailments: Chronic herpes. Enlarged sub-maxillary glands. Eczema, prurigo. Purpura haemorrhagica. Poison-oak. Use locally.
Alnus Rubra treatment for Dose ailments: Tincture to third potency.
 Alnus rubra – the Red Alder. This remedy is very useful when Phosphorus seems indicated but has very limited or no effect. The Alnus patient is very generous, very thirsty and bruises very easily.
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