– Pulford

Chest :

Palpitation on getting chilled

As of boiling water poured into it; cutting pain in Chest after chill; palpitation on becoming chilled. Acon. suits only the hyperaemia that precedes endocarditis, Spong. comes in when exudation has taken place. Hypertrophy of heart, uncomplicated cases only, in other cases it may do much harm; in treating such cases, do not prescribe Ars., Hydr-ac. or Lach. too soon, study rather, Acon., Bry., Phos., Spig., or Spong., as the former are apt to weaken the patient. Unless one has a complete picture of the remedy, do not give, in the first stage, a remedy indicated in the later stage. Extremely valuable in carditis, with stitches at heart and violent beating. The characteristic sputum in pneumonia is scanty, falls in round lumps and is cherry red and bright. The pneumonia of Acon. often shows itself in the face; and Acon. is useless after exudation has taken place. In the hyperaemic stages of inflammation of the thoracic viscera, when its ESSENTIAL GROUP is present, as listed above, prior to exudation, Acon. will be found to be invaluable. In heart troubles with numbness and tingling, compare Kalm. and Rhus, but do not forget the agonized tossing of Acon.

Numbness and loss of sensibility, to lower limbs. Sharp cutting pain in renal region, around abdomen in a circle, over each ilium.

Cold amelioration by motion; numbness of lower limb and legs during gout; toes hot, pains stitch; paralysis of lower limb, during meningitis; tingling of feet, upward.

Alternating with fever at night.

Heat :

One cheek hot and red, other pale and

 One cheek red and hot, the other pale and cold. Fever sthenic, rarely remittent. Valuable in the chilly as well as the febrile stage, preceding the development of many eruptions and lesions, but when the preliminary storm has passed, the lesion becomes established, some other drug must be selected. An attack of acute fever will subside over night if Acon. is THE indicated drug. The fever aggravation in the p.m. is decided. It is adapted to fevers without pathological lesion and not to either septic or malarial poisoning, nor to localized inflammatory processes. No matter how high the temperature, Acon, is not indicated if the patient is quiet. In puerperal fever, if the lochia is suppressed, do not give Acon. unless you are sure it is positively indicated. Cough; during chill: Bry.; before and during chill: Rhus.

Sweat :
On affected parts; on single parts only: Bry.

Skin :
Other things being equal, it is one of our best remedies in the beginning of measles. But do not overlook Bry. if the rash fails to come out fully.

General :
Faint on continued walking. Faint, after urination. Tension both mental and physical characterize Acon.; as does one red cheek the other pale, with anxiety and chilliness. The convulsions arrested by Acon. do not rest on a constitutional base, but are of recent origin, as in the puerperal state, and are caused by sudden nervous shock. The neuralgias cured by acon. result from cold and are of recent origin, with tingling and numbness. For dead drunk: 5 drops tincture in a teaspoonful of water. When specifically indicated Acon. will cure cases of great chronicity, e.g., indurated glands. If recovery is slow, from too many or too strong doses, Coff., or Nux. will often set matters right. Rarely indicated in cases that bring out an eruption, or rather fevers that bring out eruptions. Great and sudden sinking of strength without alarm. Convulsions during dentition, starts, twitches, gnaws fists, frets and cries. The nightly pains drive one wild.

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