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acne Acne and Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy has a huge role to play in helping people deal with their acne as the problem is that of recurrence due to inherent tendency to acne on a base of strong family history. Since both these cannot be eliminated by treatment in conventional medicine, people resort to homoeopathy. Homoeopathy considers not only the physical factors involved in the acne but also takes care of the mental stress induced due to peer pressure.
Following medicines are known to be especially important in the treatment in Acne-

1. Berberis Aquifolium – Blotches and pimples. Clears the complexion. Skin is dry, rough, scaly. Eruptions on scalp extending to face & neck.

2. Kali Bichromium- People with blotchy red appearance and florid acne.
Better, from heat. Worse, beer, morning, hot weather, undressing.

3. Sulphur – Very dirty, dry unhealthy skin; every little injury suppurates. Freckles. Itching, burning; worse scratching and washing. Skin affections after local medication. –Worse warmth in bed, in morning, night, from alcoholic stimulants, periodically. Better, dry, warm weather.

4. Ledum Palustre – Red pimples on forehead and cheeks; stinging when touched. Crusty eruption around nose and mouth. Acne on forehead, sticking pain. Worse in heat, better in cold weather.

5. Hydrocotyle Asiatica – Copious perspiration. Induration and exfoliation of skin. Pustular acne.

6. Antimony Crudum – Desire for acids, pickles. Worse, in evening, from heat, acids, wine, water, and washing. Better, in open air, during rest. Moist
warmth. Sensitive to cold bathing. Thick, hard, honey-colored scabs.

7. Kali Bromatum – Pustular acne esp. on face. Itching worse on chest shoulders & face. Better, when occupied mentally or physically.

8. Asteria Rubens – Flabby with red face. Face is Red. Pimples on side of nose, chin & mouth. Skin is destitute of pliability and elasticity. Itching in spots. Worsen by coffee, night; cold damp weather. Acne on left side.

9. Belladonna – Erythema; pustules on face. Reddish shining face. Throbbing pulsating pains. Alternate redness and paleness of the skin. Worse, touch, jar, noise, draught, afternoon, lying. Better, semi-erect.

10. Bovista – Acne worse in summer; due to use of cosmetics. Blunt instruments leave deep impression on the skin. Pimples cover the entire body.

11. Calcarea Sulphurica- Pustular acne. People with tendency to wounds that discharge pus and don’t heal easily. Yellow scabs on skin.

12. Nux Vomica- Acne, face red and blotchy. Worse morning, narcotics, alcoholic stimulants, stress, dry weather, cold weather,

13. Radium Bromide – Small pimples. Itching all over body, burning of skin, as if afire. Better in open air, hot bath.

14. Natrum Muriaticum – Face shiny, oily, earthy complexion. Greasy skin esp. on hairy parts. Eruptions esp. on margin of hairy scalp and bends of joints. Worse by seashore, heat. Better by cold bathing, open air.

Homoeopathy helps not only in reducing the recurrence of acne, but also in reducing the chances of scarring. Besides homoeopathy doesn’t have any unwanted side-effects like that of conventional medication. So along with good hygiene homoeopathy can give brilliant results in the treatment of acne and can be a boon to those undergoing the social pressure of having them.

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