– Intuition, and dream-work (A. Schadde)
 A woman 32 years old:

Very pale, no blood in her lips. My first impression was that her soul was disappearing and only the body was standing in front of me.
 She said: “I am in an acute situation: I have thrush in my mouth. I cannot eat, everything burns, my mouth is sore.” The mouth was covered with white plaques. “The worst are hot drinks, they burn like fire.”
 When we first hear these symptoms, we don’t know anything, we think this can be any acute remedy. But I very rarely prescribe for an acute situation -I always try to understand the whole story. I have learned that when I prescribe using the depth of my perception, the acute problem will disappear. In retrospect, we can see that she explained her whole story through every symptom.
 “My main problem is that until now I couldn’t accept that I am a woman. I don’t eat when I am under stress, that’s why I lose weight. I have 3 kids, I am very ambitious in cleaning everything, everything must be perfect. I like the work in my household. It is a part of my own being, this is my world.” “All my life I have had problems with my menstruation. The pain is extreme and unbearable, I cannot stand it, everything hurts: as if everything is pressing downwards; I have to remove all my underwear, it is better to have the area free of clothes.” “The pain is better lying down and moving, worse standing and sitting. And it gets better as soon as the flow starts.”
 “On the emotional level, I do not like anyone to touch me up to the moment of the ovulation. It is as if there is a wall which says: don’t touch me, connected with a terrible anxiety.”
 The acute symptoms of the thrush (everything burning in her throat), the eating problem, the menstrual problems (worse by any touch even of the underwear) and the emotional situation (don’t touch me at all) indicate a deeper problem. That’s why I asked about the situation that she was born into and her childhood.
 “I remember very little about my childhood.”
 This is a very important symptom. The conscious tries to hide the problem, but the vital force speaks.
 “Little contact with my mother, as if there were always a wall between my mother and me. But I had a wonderful grandmother. My father was very strict. No feeling was allowed in my parents’ house. We had a gigantic (observe the word) uncle, he gave us a lot, bought everything for us -but I was always frightened of him.”
 Here the problem begins to become more obvious. I asked her whether something happened with her uncle. She said, no, she does not remember anything. Then I asked about the dreams she had in childhood. If people don’t remember anything about a particular time they can sometimes remember dreams, and these dreams will give us some clues.
 “I have always had dreams of being pursued in my childhood. Somebody wants to kill me with a knife. I run to my parents’ house in order to escape. But there was no security in my parents’ house. I couldn’t close the door or something like that… and the “somebody” could come in.”
 I normally ask about the feelings in the dreams, but here it was very obvious. That’s why I asked about her reaction to those kind of dreams. We can rely upon the ability of the organism to react characteristically to what happened, and this will confirm the pathology, and later on, the remedy.
 “I switched on the light, pulled the bedcover over my head and cried. My parents never heard me.”
 This means “don’t touch me.” This is an unusual reaction for a child.
 “I had a lot of bladder infections in my childhood.”
 Here we can see the vital force speaks, through the body, in the hurt area.
 “When I met my husband, it was love at first sight. That’s why I cannot understand why I have these “icy-phases,” where I don’t feel anything towards him. I can’t even allow him to touch me. It is worse before ovulation. I am easily irritated, very touchy. I shout at everybody who comes close to me. Then I feel better when I am alone.”
 “I had four miscarriages. The last miscarriage was two months ago. I had the feeling that I had killed the child because I didn’t feel anything toward the child, when I was pregnant. And when I lost the child, I fell into a deep depression and didn’t want to live anymore.”
 Here is the confirmation of my first impression (the soul was disappearing and only the empty body was standing in front of me).
 “I am scared of hospitals and injections. This was always my problem with the miscarriages: having to go into hospital. I was scared when they came with needles for the injections.”
 We remember the dreams in childhood: the life-threatening situation with a knife.
 “My bowel-system is very weak, a lot of flatulence and very often diarrhea. Raw milk I couldn’t drink already as a child. Only with something in it.”
 This further confirms the problem in childhood. Milk is our first food. If there is any disturbance with your mother, milk can be a problem.
 “In the past I was very chilly. But in recent years I am much warmer, and sometimes at night I have to uncover my feet.
 Her own feeling: towards her husband (“icy phases”), to the unborn child.
 aversion to being touched.
 Her reaction to her husband’s advances, and how her underwear disturbs her during her painful menses.
 irritability before menses.
 aversion to company, fond of solitude.
 Her reaction in general around the menses and her reaction to the nightmare in childhood.
 The remedy that comes up is: Magnesia muriatica. And this can be confirmed with all the symptoms she had: e.g. , the feeling of burning in her mouth in the “acute” situation. “Fire” was a big part of the proving of Magnesia muriatica (Clarke).
 Follow up after 6 weeks:
 The thrush disappeared immediately as well as the bowel problems. The stool was fine. But she got kidney pain (old symptoms returning?) before the menstruation. The menstruation pain was better but not completely gone.
 And now the dreams (she had nightmares after the remedy) told us a very interesting story:
Dream 1 
 I had to go to a dentist. In the dream he was my grandmother. She/he forced me to kneel down in my nightie, I was scared and ran away in order to escape -unfortunately, it was as if I was in slow motion, I couldn’t go any further -I was paralyzed.
Dream 2 
 It was the opening of the Berlin wall. (!) I was there and had to cut a band and we went into this land, that we had never seen before. At first everybody was happy, but when we went deeper and deeper into the country, all people had penises between their feet, all the people were like pigs -they invited me -I sat on the cupboard when they opened the larder and I saw smoked penises made as if they were sausages. I was shocked and escaped through the window full of indignation.
 Now we understand what must have happened to her in her childhood. And the dream tells about the “opening of the Berlin wall.” It is the expression of freedom of the eastern part of Germany. This was the part in Germany we didn’t know very well (because of the “wall” in between). I asked her again whether she could remember anything from childhood, but she didn’t. I don’t think it is necessary to know the exact story of what happened to her. The unconscious knows and tries to bring it out.
 And after the last dream, she described the menstruation starting: “I felt a great sense of relief. I feel much better now.”
 What can we expect from a deep acting remedy? The dreams will raise the deep problem to the surface. And sometimes it can be painful on the emotional level.
 I didn’t hear anything for a couple of weeks. Then one day the husband phoned me and told me that during the next menstruation she had lost a lot of blood and fainted in a supermarket; they brought her by ambulance to the hospital. He asked for advice. I told him to take her out of the hospital immediately because I felt that it would aggravate and repeat her previous experiences of being forsaken and violated. He was able to do so; in the few hours she had been in the hospital they had already carried out a lot of examinations but couldn’t find any physical problems, except for anemia because of the loss of blood.
 We repeated the remedy quite frequently and this improved her physically, but her anxiety increased. Every evening she was scared about being subjected to something she does not know. Then I knew that this was the moment to ask again about what happened in childhood, if she could remember. And we talked about the difference between the situation now and the situation as a child. Suddenly she was able to realize the difference between the situation as a child and the situation now, and I could feel the relief over the phone. The dysmenorrhoea has since disappeared. She looks much better now, and she is able to come into contact with her husband.
 What we see here is that it is not always easy to manage the case afterwards. Not in every case will everything disappear without any stress. But we can help patients on their way through the process of understanding the path of their personal and spiritual development.
 For me, it is very important to seek the help of dreams. I learned from C. G. Jung to listen to the dreams by asking questions like: “How do you understand that scene?” and “Do you know where it comes from?” I don’t give theoretical explanations about the dreams, but I try to help the patient in front of me to understand the picture himself, to gain insight into the images offered by his unconscious. It is the way into his own myth, as I said before: going in awareness with the patient along his own path.
 My best experience with dreams was during the conducting of the proving of Ozone. About 60 provers had symptoms and dreams over a period of 3 weeks to 8 months. It is interesting to consider what we can do with so many dreams. While I was typing out the materia medica for ozone, I found that most of the dreams explained the inner feeling of the physical and psychological symptoms. And that’s why the story of the dreams is not so important. It is more the feeling behind the dreams that can give us the chance to understand. This is the same situation as in a real life story: mostly the feelings behind the situations in life give us the best clues in order to understand the patient. And the feeling behind the dreams must confirm the feeling of the constantly repeating scenes in their life stories.
 On another case, I had been treating the person for about 3 years very successfully with Natrum carbonicum. During this time she came to see me every now and then and we sometimes repeated the remedy. One day she phoned me, two weeks after a repetition of Natrum carbonicum, with panic in her voice. I asked her to come and see me. I could feel the stress, but I couldn’t understand what had happened to her. She entered the room, anxiety in her eyes, and told me she had got a pimple in her right nostril. I examined the nose, but I could barely see anything. That’s why I kept asking about the feeling behind the pimple. “If the pimple will extend to my right eye I will go blind. And now I am scared,” she told me. I asked her then what this meant to her: “When I was 5 years old I had an operation on my left eye, because of a strabismus and since that time I have been nearly blind with my left eye. I’ve never told anybody, and I can still drive a car without glasses, but now the pimple is growing in my right nose and the pain is extending to my right eye, and I am scared that my right eye, which is the only one I can see with, could be hurt.” I hadn’t understood the story before, because she didn’t talk about the situation with the eyes during the interview and the follow ups. But a correct remedy will always bring out the problems.
 On impulse I took her hands and she started crying. She broke down completely and told me about a dream she had during the same night before the pimple appeared.
Dream 3 
 “I was in India in a kind of church. We were waiting for Sai Baba. I had to tear off the tickets. I was together with a girl friend but she was sleeping and I was running about. Then I met a person who told me: my name is Maya. And I thought: this is Sai Baba! He slips into people and seduces them. I felt that now I knew what he did with all his fans, especially the women. He is a magician and makes spells. I was thinking: should I wake up my friend and show this man to her? Then I saw two chairs in the church, the chair on the right side was small and shaky and the chair on the left side was a throne. The person “Maya” sat down on the right side and the left seat stayed empty. Then I woke up.”
 I asked her about the name Maya. She said, she had never heard anything about the name. In Hindu philosophy, “maya” means the illusory physical world. She didn’t know this on the conscious level but the unconscious knew. The chair on the right side represents the illusory physical world -maya -and the left chair (the throne chair) was empty.
 I began comparing the two chairs with her two eyes and realized the meaning. The right chair with Maya sitting on it is the eye she can see with; the left chair, the empty throne, is the eye she cannot see with; in her dream, she was waiting for the “real” Sai Baba -this means the person for the left chair. The dream ended, she woke up without seeing him. And this is what happens in her life. She cannot see with the left eye. But in her personal development, is she waiting for the left eye to see?
 I never go much deeper into dreams when I see people are satisfied with the answer they get. She stopped crying and left my practice. The next day she came again in order to show me something: the pimple in her right nose had disappeared immediately after the understanding of the dream and had appeared outside of the skin as a big yellow pimple at the right side of the mouth. (Hering’s law) “In this position it doesn’t disturb me at all,” she said while laughing. Since then, two years later, her eyesight in the left eye has improved some. In the past she could not use both eyes together simultaneously. She always had to decide whether to use the right eye or the left eye, but now she can see with both eyes at the same time.
 Now the question arises: why was the cure not gentle, rapid? In my understanding, the remedy is like a key to the door. If it only removed the pain, and patients just continued with their former life and nothing changed at all, we would call it palliation. But if the remedy is able to open the door to insight, it is the patients themselves who have to go through that door and we can only facilitate their progress. Facilitation of patients on journey is our real obligation as therapists. The greater our intuitive abilities the more likely we are able to assist the patient in achieving the insights they need to free them on their journey.
 As C. G. Jung has said, intuition belongs to the “irrational functions” in personal life; therefore, one cannot explain it fully. The only possibility is to learn different ways of gaining access to our own intuition and insights. Intuition also means inner knowledge, but it cannot function without a wide range of knowledge and life experience in many different fields (in homeopathy, in myths, in psychology, in love of mankind, etc.).
 Anne Schadde lives and practices in München Germany. Before coming to homeopathy, Anne was a teacher in secondary school. She studied homeopathy with different teachers from different approaches and completed a training in psychotherapy. She began her homeopathic practice officially in 1986 and has combined both training’s. Anne went to India in 1992 to sit with Rajan Sankaran and other Indian colleagues. She is one of the founding members of the Homeopathie-Forum München and of the European and International Councils for Classical Homeopathy (ECCH andICCH).
 Anne Schadde Nymphenburger Str. 122 80636 München, Germany Tel. (49) 89 – 123 64 94 Fax (49)89 – 811 93 58 

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