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A Question of Purity. – Our esteemed contemporary, the University Homoeopathic Observer (which we hope will become a monthly), discusses the question, “Will a man surrender experience for theory?” It concludes, “It is ridiculous to harp upon ‘purity’ of practice, to the thoughtful doctor of experience. Who is the standard of purity.” This is a hard saying, and many will think “there is a fallacy somewheres if we could only find it.”
 We would suggest that the standard is not any man or body of men, but the Law our colleges and journals teach. As a concrete example, instead of giving Aspirin (for example) give the remedy the patient’s symptoms call for. The old Indicated Remedy does not exclude adjuvant measures galore, but it seems to us that it, so to speak, ought to occupy the center of the stage and not something else.
 If a man happens to think that he occupies the place of the Law he is amusing, and sometimes irritating to men really searching for truth. The heart of curative medicine is the Law for which the word Homoeopathy stands. It is the standard of purity, and its mighty scope has never been comprehended by any one man. The Christian religion, though split up into many sects, has but one heart. So with every universal. – Hom. Recorder. 

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