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lachesispatient A  fair tall charming lady of 42 age, likes indigestible things suffering from back pain - Lachesis Mutus
A  fair tall charming
lady of 42 age, likes indigestible things suffering from back pain before menses
and great relief after menses. Her back pain is relieved almost after a dose of
Laches 200c. Lachesis ladies are attractive and gentle with laughing face and with
increased sexual passions. She is anemic. It is observed that most women who
are anemic having more sexual desire compared to normal women.  Lachesis patients are having desire for
pickles and like fanning very much. These patients sometimes also chilly.

 Lachesis patient can
be identified even they are in 60’s or at 70’s of age by means of their
attractive charming look. Another important thing is they like to have sex with
young compared to their age. For example 60 years lachesis female don’t feel
shy of engaging young man of 30 years. Sexually they are active even at their
old age. Lachesis patients often suffer from excess uterine bleeding disorders.
If 40’s of lachesis patient approached you, mostly she doesn’t have her uterus.
Allopathic physicians as a routine would have removed her uterus as a cause of
uterine hemorrhage.

Work Sheet:
31st august 2013
back pain menses before,likes
lach 200c
menses after ame
21st sep 2013
slight reld
sacalac 200c
15th oct 2013
back pain not reld, menses reld
sl 200c
05 November 2013
pain relievd
sl 200c
05 December 2013
relieved most
saclac 200c
31 December 2013
relieved most
saclac 200c
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