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fistulaano A bank manager of 47 suffering with multiple abscess over  perineum Fistula -Lycopodium, Silicea.

A bank manager of 47 suffering with multiple abscess over  perineum. Formed fistulae tracts at some areas on perineum. He is an anxious person desires warm food.  Used Homeopathy for same complaint but without effect.  With a dose of Lycopodium his complaints are relieved much.
The earlier Homeopath might have tried many remedies. If you are trying too many remedies but not getting result, then try a dose of Lycopodium, instead of sulphur certainly you will get result. This is much more evident in case of typhoid fever also. Similar remedy is CARNINOCIN if you are frequently fail in a particular case after many remedies then try a dose of Carcinocinum 200c.
Do you know disorder in health is due to accumulation or deficiency of specific elements in body. If you know the method to trace the element that is in excess or deficient, the problem can be rectified by applying the same element in Potentized form that is in ultra low dilutions specific to Homeopathic Preparations. If you supply the calcium element in raw form, system may not absorb the element but if do the same in ultra low dilutions system will be trained, programme on cell wall will be corrected to absorb food calcium.


2nd july 2011
abscess over scrutum,
app, thirst, sweat, stool, sleep,
22nd july 2011
relieved slight
27th july 2011
relieved slight
2nd sep 2011
relieved 60- 70 %
8th oct 2011
relieved 90%, nose abscess
27th oct 2011
relieved slight
1st dec 2011
relieved slight
11th jan 2012
relieved slight
2nd mach 2012
not relieved complete
30th may 2012
relieved slight
6th august 2012
relieved slight
20th oct 2012
abscess on leg
bell 200c
28th dec 2012
abscess appearing,
acid four 200c
15th feb 2013
not relieved complete,ankle sprain
bry 200c,rubram200c
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