Homeopathic Remedies for Depression, Negative Thinking and to increase Seratonin:

At one or some other time, we are all depressed. In fact, the real depression associated with a continuous sadness. Even though there are factors to Cheer up the life, the person remains under sadness. This is what called depression. This condition is common among the age group above 12. According to one study 6 to 7% of people above the age group, 12 have suffered from depression. According to World Health Organization, more than 350 million people are suffering from depression globally. Homeopathic remedy for depression aim at increasing serotonin levels and to prevent negative thinking.

homeopathic-remedy-for-depression Homeopathic Remedy for Depression and Negative Thinking

Symptoms of depression:

  • Lack of interest in daily activities
  • Reluctant to familiar things that bring him happiness
  • The causes of depression are difficult to explain, many times, it may be genetical, biological, psychological, and behavioral causes observed.
  • Most important thing is depression is common in women than man.


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Homeopathic remedies for depression:

First, we must know some similar words for depression. It favors the understanding of depression in depth. Sadness, gloomy, melancholy and despondency have the similar meaning with depression.


Let us know the first-grade homeopathy medicines that act on depression or sadness:

What is the best medicine in homeopathy for depression aftershock?

The answer is aconite. It is one of great remedy for depression in homeopathy. The depression in these cases usually starts after the flight or shock. The patients of aconite with depression have an experience of imminent death. Persons have great fear and predict the time of death.


What is the homeopathic remedy for depression out of insecurity?

Arsenicum album he is an excellent homeopathy medicine to treat depression due to insecurity. Anxiety, restlessness, and weakness or the combination of symptoms guide us to use Arsenicum album in homeopathy for depression.

What are the symptoms considered to use Aurum metallicum for depression?

Depression due to disappointment is the foremost symptom indication aurum metallicum in homeopathy. Arum metallicum patient with depression is introvert and more serious.


I have fear of infection and depression, what is the best homeopathic remedy for my sadness?

Calcarea carbonica is a great homeopathy medicine for the people who have depression along with the fear of heights. Depression in case of Calcarea carbonica is primarily due to overexertion. Moreover, these people have fear of infections and cancer. In addition, have fear of high places, insects, rats, and narrow places. This is also a good medicine in homeopathy for the people who suffer from depression out of fear of poverty. In addition, this is an excellent homeopathic medicine to increase serotonin levels.


Crotalus Cascavella for depression in homeopathy:

Crotalus persons have fear of spirits, ghost, and voices. Moreover, they have delusions. These people with depression have fear of being alone. Crotalus is the best homeopathic medicine for depression with thoughts of death particularly when alone.


Graphites is also an excellent Homeopathic medicine for depression with dullness and slowness:

The Graphites persons are timid and reserved. Depression due to anxiety and insecurity guidance to select Graphites is the homeopathic remedy. Fear something will happen of misfortune is the prominent symptom in graphite is depression patients. Graphites is a wonderful homeopathic antidepressant for the people of changeable moods.

Ignatia – Best homeopathic antidepressant for sensitive and artistic people:

These people are romantic and idealistic these features many times cause depression in Ignesia. Moreover, Ignatia is an antidepressant homeopathic remedy for the people often under disappointments. Ignatia personalities have almost disappointments with emotional life.


Lachesis he is one of the great homeopathic remedies for depression out of suspicious nature:

Lachesis is also an excellent antidepressant homeopathic medicine for the people of talkative Nature. The people who are lively expressive and creative nature suddenly becomes depressive then Lachesis is the remedy. The main cause of depression in Lachesis patient is their attachment to material values. Possessiveness to things and persons is also guidance to use Lachesis for depression. Lachesis in Homeopathic can increase the serotonin levels if indicated.


Natrum Carbonicum is also an excellent homeopathic medicine for depression for sensitive undefined persons:

The Natrum Carbonicum persons are particularly sensitive to certain impressions. These people have aversion to certain persons at the same time dedicated to some persons. The main cause of depression in this people is, they never speak out against to another. Moreover goes towards negative thinking.


Natrum Muriaticum is an outstanding antidepressant remedy in homeopathy:

The Natrum Muriaticum personality with depression is closed in nature. These people are emotionally vulnerable. Yielding tendency, introvert nature calls this homeopathic remedy into action for depression. Natrum Muriaticum persons cannot tolerate grief in any form. Ridicule or humiliation also not tolerable moreover may lead to depression. Natrum Muriaticum is a natural homeopathic medicine to increase serotonin. Therefore prevent the negative thinking.

Homeopathic medicine sepia for depression:

Sepia personalities are sensitive and excitable. These people have aversion to the company. Sepia is a great Homeopathic remedy for depression in women. Indifferent to loved ones is a peculiar symptom in sepia, which calls us for this antidepressant remedy in homeopathy. The women get depression during menses is a special indication for sepia. These people have a love for dancing and thunderstorm while in depression.

Serotonin 12x for depression in homeopathy:

Serotonin is really a neurotransmitter. The Serotonin concentration observed in blood vessels as well as in the intestines. Serotonin elevates the mood and removes the depression. The homeopathic form of serotonin is available in 12 x potency. Negative thinking is mainly the due to low serotonin levels. Taking serotonin 12x tablets morning 1 and evening 1 as a minimum dosage can keep you away from depression. In fact, taking serotonin 12x continuously is not always suggested. Moreover, it may produce side effects. Serotonin 12x is benefits in moodiness, depression, hyperactivity, sleeplessness, anxiety, and fear. Homeopathy treatment should aim to produce serotonin naturally. Then only people cured of their depression permanently.

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