Homeopathic migraine prevention

Homeopathic Remedies for Migraine Headache Prevention and Cure

The migraine is the worst kind of headache. 28 million American’s suffering from Migraine headaches. The headache may start on any side either left side or right side headache. Sometimes headaches move from left to right or right to left. Physical activities, of course, increase the intensity of the Migraine Headache. The involvement of Autonomous nervousness is also the cause of a Migraine Headache. Often this headache is aggravated by flashlights, sun heat, mental and physical exertion, spicy foods, etc. Homeopathic Migraine prevention constitutes excellent constitutional remedies for permanent cure.

There are best Natural Homeopathic Remedies which helps in the Complete cure for a Migraine headache.

Top 6 Homeopathic Medicines to Cure Headache:

Migraine Headche:

Capsicum annum is Homeopathic Remedy for a Migraine Prevention with Hysteria:

A one-sided, pressive-sticking migraine headache, like a hysterical migraine, is specific in this case. Moreover, the migraine headache increased by raising the eyes and the head. On the other hand, stooping is accompanied by forgetfulness and nausea call for this Homeopathic remedy for migraine headache. A migraine headache with slight shivering over the hairy portion of the head is followed by burning-itching on the scalp. Migraine was relieved after scratching but returned with increased severity. Capsicum is an excellent remedy for the prevention and cure of Migraine Headache if the above symptoms match.

Homeopathic migraine prevention
Homeopathic Medicine for Migraine Headache prevention and cure.

Carboneum Sulfuratum is Best Homeopathic Headache remedies for prevention of Migraine with Confusion in Head:

In this case, violent pulsating pains in the temple and migraine at 6 A.M, on waking are characteristic of this remedy. Therefore, he could not lie quiet. Moreover, it continued until breakfast at 7.30 A.M. On the other hand, the migraine with Pressing pains in the vertex, often lasting all days. A semi-lateral migraine headache returned when walking, with great dullness and confusion in the head (almost immediately).

 The Carbolineum Sulfuratum patient experience pressure on the right parietal bone with migraine. In addition, severe pain in right parietal bone is, as though it violently press upon with a hard body. Another symptom is sore pimples, painful to touch, on the scalp with migraine. In addition, itching of the head associated with migraine headache can prevent with Carboneum Sulfuratum.

Digitalinum is Homeopathic Medicine for treatment of migraine headache prevention with pressure in Vertex and Occiput:

Migraine symptoms, which in the morning had affected the vertex, disappeared towards the afternoon. Pressure in the vertex and a sensation of distension especially indicate this Medicine. In this case, dullness in the morning, worse in the afternoon, and is increasing in the evening to a violent migraine headache. (That it was not an ordinary attack of migraine shown by the fact that the usual attack always occurred in the morning on rising when it was much worse). A semi lateral migraine is another indication.

Dull pain in the occiput certainly calls for Digitalis Homeopathy. The migraine pain in the bone on the left side of the occiput especially indicates this Homeopathy for Migraine headache prevention. On the other hand, a peculiar sensation of drawing, of rising up in the occiput and vertex is quietly a pressure in the occiput. The Digitalinum is the best Homeopathic medicine for the prevention of Migraine headaches with the above symptoms.

Tarentula is the Best Homeopathic Remedy for Migraine homeopathy treatment when presented with Sadness:

Migraine Headache in the evening and is increasing when running. When waking up in the morning, migraine Headache with trembling, great sadness. Cough oppression of the chest, and prostration, until 9 o’clock especially indicate Tarentula Homeopathy for migraine headache. When the Migraine Headache increased, affecting the throat and neck, with dullness stiffness. Also the Headache, similar to migraine, with impossibility to open the eyes can prevented with Homeopathic Medicine.

A semi lateral tendency of the head is to incline. A sensation ‘as if the head quietly with force’ guides us to use this homeopathic medicine for migraine prevention. Of course, migraine Headache during the night, with constant lancinating pains and whizzing in the ear calls for this Homeopathic remedy. Feeling ‘as if the blood was rushing into the head’ is another indication. As soon as after lying down, he goes to sleep, but wakes up again with the migraine pains. The headache lasts all the next day, migraine with a footbath in the night relieves him.

See Aslo Tatentula Homeopathic Materia Medcia

Thuja – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Left-sided Migraine:

Something like migraine headache, in the evening especially indicates Thuja Homeopathy. Moreover, some painful spots on the head are at most the size of a penny. The pain seemed seated in the bone itself, in the evening. A migraine unusually violent attack and is lasting two days for the first time. Homeopathic migraine prevention when is commencing with icy cold hands and feet. In this case, first, headache pain is rising from the abdomen to the head. Second, a still more severe migraine occurs two months after this attack, and last three days. At the end of the third day, the menses came on six days too early and flowed very profusely. In addition, Thuja is a homeopathic medicine for migraine headache prevention with frightful nausea and bilious vomiting.

Euonymus Atropurpurea is Homeopathic migraine relief Remedy in Mental Disturbances cases:

Dr. Brunettes says it is more easily producing migraine headaches and mental disturbances. Moreover much distress in the hepatic and renal region. In addition, this remedy also produces albuminuria along with Migraine headaches. Passive Congestion and torpor of the liver also indicate this Homeopathic medicine. on the other hand, chronic catarrhal affections of the stomach and intestines call this remedy for migraine prevention. Weak heart. Chronic rheumatism and gout are other indications.


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  1. Please take a dose just 2 pills of Thuja 200c,

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    3. Dear Ricky please look at the remedy above I have added picture for you. It is rare Homeopathic remedy mentioned in the following Materia Medicas.
      "Wahoo. Burning Bush."

      Materia Medica- Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica, vol.4 by Allen T.F.
      Materia Medica- Materia medica by Boericke W.
      Materia Medica- Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica -Bismuthum [Bism]-by Clarke J. H.
      Materia Medica- Manual of the Homoeopathic Practice by C.J.Hempel
      Materia Medica- Text Book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics of Rare Homoeopathic Remedies – Supplement to Cowperthwaite Materia Medica or Every Great Materia Medica by Oscar Hansen
      Materia Medica- Concise materia medica of Hom. remedies by S.R. Phatak
      Materia Medica- Handbook of Materia Medica and Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Allen T.F.
      Euonymus Europaeus [Euon]
      A tincture is made of the fresh fruit of Euonymus Europaeus, L.
      Materia Medica- Thousand Remedies by Boericke.
      Euonymus Atropurpurea [Euon-a]

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