Find Your Homeopathic Remedy for Pancreatitis

By | March 22, 2017

Pancreatitis Homeopathic remedy selection:

In this article I would like to give you a short notes on What is pancreatitis? What are the causes for pancreatitis? How to treat pancreatic infection with Homeopathic remedies? What are the most specific Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of pancreatic inflammation? Pancreas is small gland which is located in the second part of the duodenum. The defects in pancreas are the causes for diabetes,pancreatitis etc. The inflammation of pancreas is called pancreatitis. The cause for pancreatitis is alcohol and gallstone in most cases. But in some cases the medication and various infections are also the cause for pancreatic disease. This pancreatic disease can be acute or chronic. Anyway the cause for this pancreatitis whether it is acute or chronic the cause is the same. The first and foremost symptom of pancreatic inflammation is the abdominal pain. The patient with the pancreatitis feel a severe pain in the abdomen hypochondrium on right side. The pain is such that the patient bends double with pain. This is a very unbearable pain. Some patients told me, it is better to die instead of bearing this pain. The other symptoms of patient experience in later stages are vomiting sensation, fever, heartburn and dehydration.

The most important thing we should observe in pancreatitis patient is increase in blood sugar levels. I have remembered a case of pancreatitis, the patient is a very young of 35 or 38 years, previously he was not diabetic. One day night suddenly felt severe pain in his abdomen. His family members took him to a nearby hospital, lab test revealed increase in blood sugar level very high. I have enquired about the food the Last Night the patient had. The patient ate very sour dosa, is a kind of snacks made of flour. It is nothing but a very fermented food, has produced great pain in abdomen that ultimately lead into pancreatic inflammation.

Please select Most appropriate symptom that is related to your Pancreatitis?

Any other Symptom Related to your pancreatitis Problem?

Do you can mention your General Mind set while suffering with Pancreatic Problem?

plus Find Your Homeopathic Remedy for Pancreatitis
How to Use Selected Homeopathic Reemedy?
  1. How to take Homeopathic Medicines?
    Homeopathic Potencies must be taken in pills form. 2 - 6 Pills as prescribed must be taken into bottle lid or on to a dust free paper and then taken into mouth to chew the medicine until it is dissolved.
  2. How many day I have to take the medicine?
    Generally Homeopathic Physician will prescribe to take the main dose in only a single dose. that means take only 2-6 pills as Homeopathic doctor prescribed and don't take the next dose until the doctor suggested you to take.
  3. How may days I have to wait after taking single dose of Homeopathic Medicine?
    Homeopathic Doctor will suggest you to wait for at least 10 days in case of Chronic diseases. It is always better to wait as long as your symptoms are disappearing. In case of Acute diseases you need to wait for 5 minutes to one hour or one day according to the severity of Symptoms.
  4. What next I have to do after single dose?
    You need to wait for the period as doctor suggested. after that Doctor will suggest you next remedy according to the result from first prescribed dose.

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