Find Your Erectile Dysfunction Homeopathic Remedy:

Simple questionnaire is developed on observing number of patients. This tool certainly help you to find your best remedy for Erectile problem. Erectile Dysfunction due to psychological and organic cause are taken into account.

Impotency causes like age,diabetes, kidney problems, drugs, neurological disorders, alcoholism and smoking are all considered. This tool is designed keeping view of above all Impotency causes.

Homeopathy remedy for erectile problems are most effective. There are many medicines in Homeopathy for erection defect.

Erectile dysfunction is also called impotency. It is nothing but inability to erect the penis for sexual performance.

Please select most appropriate symptoms from the below questionnaire. I can suggest you best Homeopathic remedy for Erection problem. 

Please let me know the Symptom most specific to your Erectile Dysfunction.Select Below?

erectile-dysfunction-in-homeopathy Erectile Dysfunction Homeopathic Remedy

Let me know Do you have any other Complaints apart from Erectile Dysfunction.?

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which is the best remedy for ed with diabets 2

nageswar raj

any nonveg items taken as food can cause lipomas on the stomach region and pus coming from skin on arms, leg, erectile dysfunction.kindly suggest me medicine

v nageswar Varma

I have used graphites before that and it causes severe itching

Sms Hasan
Dear sir, One of my friends is mentally very very down for his Health issues. He is scared of getting married due to his sexual problems. His current age is 28. About 10 years ago, he had bad habits of going to bad places for illegal sex practices. during that time and after starting masturbation, he discovered that he is not physically sound enough for sexual activities. at that time, he used to do masturbate for about 2 to 3 times a day for some days and then again stop for a week .. this way. He had very very… Read more »
Dr.Dhananjaya Bhupathi
“Free Mate* within the wedlock”. ————————–is panacea for multiplicity of your symptoms/health issues including Insomnia and chronic acne/pimples, Anxiety Neurosis, Depression, Fatigue, etc., It is far better than weed/drugs/heroine, etc. It is the best natural high. In coitus, male organ is aroused by pumping lots blood by the heart into gonads. While pumping blood, all organs also receive sufficient circulation of blood. Ultimately, the heart becomes stronger to bring BP levels to normal range. In coitus, heat is exchanged between the bodies of both husband and wife. The benefits are 1. Immunity power increases by leaps and bounds to perceive… Read more »