Homeopathic Research on Causticum 200c Homeopathic Medicine

How does Causticum 200 Homeopathy work? Causticum 200 is a homeopathic medicine widely used for various health conditions. Materials and Methods: We did some research and Causticum 200c with the help of temperature data logger. Our main concept is the measurement of physiological variability in temperature. The temperature variability data are taken at the rate…

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how homeopathy works

How Homeopathy Works – A million dollars question

How Homeopathy works: There are several kinds of theories about how homeopathy works. However, the fact is that the information on how homeopathy actually works is not yet. Because no one-research articles have, a definite mechanism explained on How Homeopathy Works. Nevertheless, in this article, I have the experimental results of my reference, want to…

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How does Homeopathy Work in our Body

How does Homeopathic Medicine Work in our Body: The following research on Homeopathy tries to explain the questions How does Homeopathy Work for me and works in our body. A scientific proof that Homeopathy works explained how Homeopathic medicine works in our body. In addition, it reveals the thing Homeopathy fake or fact. Moreover, this…

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