Calcarea Carbonica dosage for Hypothyroidism:

Hypothyroidism caused by the deficiency in the production of thyroid hormone.Calcarea Carbonica is obviously one of the best Homeopathic Remedy used to stimulate the production of thyroid hormone.Most suitable Calcarea Carbonica dosage for hypothyroidism cures the disease completely.

Calcarea-Carbonica-dosage-for-hypothyroidism Calcarea Carbonica dosage for hypothyroidism

For hypothyroid patients, it always helps to know the symptoms of Calcarea Carbonica before we know the dosage.

  • Hypothyroid Personalities who need Calcarea Carbonica are obese in nature.Sweats easily on exertion.
  • Calcarea Carb-Hypothyroid Patients feel chilly on little exposure to cold air.
  • These hypothyroid persons also have a peculiar symptom of aggravation during the full moon.
  • Hypothyroid patients with unusual Desires for sweets, sugar, ice cream, salt, soft boiled eggs, and starch require Calcarea carb in proper dose to cure.

Symptoms above mentioned also suitable for Calcarea carb dosage for Fibroids and Weightloss.

Potency and Calcarea Carbonica dosage for Hypothyroidism:

Calcarea carb indeed prepared from the middle layer of oyster shell.Since the source material is not the direct chemical compound calcium carbonate (caco3). The Homeopathic preparation starts its action from 30c potency.The well-known potencies act best are Calcarea carb 200c, 1M, 10M.

Age and severity of the disease, in fact, will be the base for the potency selection.

  • The potency of Calcarea carb for hypothyroidism in children can be high like 1M, 10M.
  • Age group above 15 up to 45 require 200c potency.
  • Patients above 45 years need to start with Calcarea carb 30c potency.

Calcarea carb dosage for fibroids and weight loss should also follow the above-mentioned rules.

The dosage of Calcarea Carbonica for Hypothyroidism apart from potency and age:

Two pills of Calcarea carb are enough as a single dose. Patient must wait for at least 30 days after single dose of the remedy. Calcarea is a very deep acting remedy.

If the first dose seizes to act then next higher potency should be taken.Furthermore, Calcarea in any potency acts for 90 days.Repetition of dosage required in children but not in adults.The action of the remedy should not be disturbed as long as acting well.

The same above principle also refers to the Calcarea carb dosage for Fibroids and Weightloss.

To conclude well chosen Calcarea carb potency and dosage is not enough for complete cure of hypothyroidism. However, it required nosode remedies to complete the cure.




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