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Eyes become red and small. Blood vessels of the conjunctivae are often seen.
Fixed gaze; eyes brilliant, very bright and shiny; sometimes also strikingly dull.
Feeling of distension in the eyeballs, as if starting out of the head; they ache when he tries to read.
Pupils dilate and contract alternately in the same light.*
Sensation of spasmodic drawing in the eyes.*
Outward pressure at the back of the eyes.*
Jerking in the external canthus and lid.
Inflammation of the caruncula lachrymalis of both eyes.
Weak feeling of the eyes and poor vision*; objects seem indistinct and, dim, hazy sight. After looking for a long time, he cannot see well; he sees mist before his eyes. While reading, the letters run together. Vision is confused. He experiences transient blindness, with the exception of a small point on which he is fixing his gaze (experienced during a shaking chill).
Photopsia. Twinkling, trembling, and glimmering before the eyes.
Distortions of sight, objects enlarged or more distant; visual hallucinations; sensitivity to light; visual clairvoyance.
Throbbing and fullness in both ears.
Boring pain immediately above and in the back of the right ear.
Stuffed feeling in the right ear.
Noises in the ears: buzzing; ringing; like boiling water. Periodical singing during dreamy spells, or during dozing while lying down; always ceasing when he came to himself or gets up, but are renewed with the next dreamy spell.
All sounds, especially voices (including his own), seem far off, as if obscured by a veil or gauze; even his own voice seems distant.
Great sensitivity to noise, easily irritated by it; acoustic hallucinations; clairaudience.
Dryness in the nose, objectively as well as subjectively; with heat inside.*
Fullness and aching at the root of the nose.
Coryza after eating.
Expression wearied weary, exhausted, dejected, careworn, drowsy and stupid, anxious and pale.
Face pale, as in fainting, ameliorated by fresh air. But also: heat only of the face*.
Slight palpitation at on many parts of the face, especially in the muscles of the left cheek.*
Skin of the face, especially the forehead and chin, feels as if it were drawn tight.
Sensation as though the muscles of the face were drawn tightly about jaw. Lower jaw very stiff and immovable before falling asleep. Tetanic spasms about the jaws. Or: the lower lip hangs down when asleep.
Lips are glued together; very dry.
Trembling of the lips.
Mouth and throat
Mouth, throat, and lips are extremely dry, parched, with intense thirst for cold water, or else without any thirst.
The saliva is white, thick, frothy and sticky.
Every article of food is extremely palatable; simple bread is declared to be delicious and is eaten in huge quantities.
Nasty taste in the mouth in the morning on upon waking, which disappears after cleaning the teeth, but returns after meals.*
Gritting and grinding the teeth while sleeping. Also when awake, it seems to him as if he must forcibly compress the jaws.
Toothache tends to move downwards.
Sensation of a plug rising in the throat, causing him to choke.
Pressure in the tonsils.
Voice, respiration, chest and heart
Cannot control voice; speaks uncontrollably loudly and then corrects himself, or in a low tone with a thick voice, or the pitch of the voice is much higher than usual. Sudden failiure of voice. Stammering and stuttering.
Burning in the throat on inspiring air.
It requires great effort to take a deep inspiration.
Oppression of the breath with palpitation; with anxiety in the throat.*
Asthma with dyspnoea and extreme agitation; suffocating spells; can only breathe when sitting or standing up, especially when standing at an open window and leaning forward.*
Oppression of the chest, with deep, laboured breathing; he feels as if he is suffocating, and wants to be fanned. Oppression with great anguish, better in the open air. Oppression especially upon waking at night, before midnight; dread of choking with the feeling as if dying, or slow, deep, laboured, intermittent breathing. Pressing pain in the heart, with dyspnoea the entire night.
Stitches in the heart, accompanied by great oppression; the latter relieved by deep breathing.
Rough cough, scratching the breast immediately under the sternum.
Sharp, cutting pain behind the sternum, aggravated by swallowing.
Stitches extending from both nipples to the whole chest.
Palpitation, waking him from sleep.
Stitches in the heart when lying on the left side.
Sensation as if drops were falling from the heart.*
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